In a unique initiative to protect the environment, Students of The Shri Ram Universal School, Rohtak tied ‘Rakhi’ to trees and adopted them. They also resolved to protect the trees from being cut. The students will also create awareness amongst the school to protect the existing trees and also plant new ones.

This is a very good initiative taken by Shri Paryavaran Club and said “Our motive is to make children aware and sensitize about the environment”. Programmes of this kind will teach children about how they can do their bit towards the environment. Trees play a vital role in our lives and it is our moral duty to protect them.

The students of TSUS will tie a rakhi to the trees every year. The students also made bio degradable Seed Rakhi in keeping with the slogan ” Don’t use and throw but use and grow”. They have also vowed to plant and nurture trees and also not let anyone cut them.”

“Teach me and I will forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I will never forget.” To a very great extent, the theoretical knowledge is enhanced when a co-curricular activity related to the content is taught. School extracurricular activities are an excellent vehicle for teaching moral values to our students.

To make the students of TSUS aware about environment an Inter school Shri Prayavaran Utsav Meet 2019 was held at The Shri Ram Millennium School, Noida. Several activities were designed like Clima-Mime, Radio Jingal, Discussion Hour, Painting etc. Students were told that life on earth is inconceivable without trees.. They were also told about the steps that should be taken to protect the environment — the water, the land, and the air we breathe. They were made aware that without trees the Earth wouldn’t be such a lovely home for us .Our resplendent, benevolent and effervescent kids went green with the resolution to save environment.

Van Mahotsav @TSUS
The month of July brings monsoons to India and with rain comes… A NEW LIFE, A NEW BEGINNING, A NEW HOPE
It’s the thunder you hear first, as if announcing the start of a new cycle. A drum-roll for the show to begin and to set all the activities in motion. The entire community washes away the dust from the past, the heat and the drudgery and in the rain prepares to start afresh.
The students of TSUS celebrated Van Mahotsav with many activities. These included plantation of saplings, Distribution of seed bombs, Nukkad Nataks, Hugging the trees and pledging for their safety, taking autographs of Trees and many such activities to raise environmental consciousness. To love and protect nature is an important value imparted to all at TSUS.

The Shri Ram Universal School has a very active Environment Programme called “SHRI PARYAVARAN”, which works towards arousing curiosity in the young learners about their surroundings. It works towards developing a sense of responsibility and purpose in the children, which through hands-on experiences, will help them grow into environmentally sensitive citizens of the world.
Conscious effort is made to encourage the reuse and recycling of material, especially for the hands-on activities at school. These not only develop an increased awareness and consciousness of the environment, it also works towards spreading the same.
Our young “Earth Ambassadors” work tirelessly, inspiring not just their peers but also the people of the larger community that they interact with in their daily lives.
This programme also develops in students various learning skills such as observation, research, inquiry, analysis, application, experimentation, presentation critical and creative thinking.
With Environment being at the heart of the schools concerned, all initiatives in this club are taken by students being in the forefront bringing meaningful change within the school campus and further in the community.
All students from Form 3 to Form 8 went through a special workshop on “Are Trees Intellegent” conducted by Madhu ma’am from The Shri Ram School at the TSUS campus on 15th July.

#TSUSR#Earth Day
Make every day 🌍 Day

Forests🌴are green oceans are blue
Keep the earth clean for you and me.

Students of TSUSR celebrated Earth Day with full zeal and enthusiasm with a pledge to reduce, resuse and recycle the waste material.
Various activities we organized to make students aware of the importance of the 🌍 Earth Day