Developing the value of Integrity through healthy and supportive student teacher relationships. Ensuring a moral and value driven education. Instilling a transparent culture of communication between teachers, students and parents. Adopting an ethos where we practice what we preach and turn out empowered and happy studen


Nurturing the sensitivity within each child in order to embrace diversity in the environment. Using the progressive practises of ‘Circle Time’ and ‘Dialogue’ with students to develop acceptance, tolerance and understanding of human diversity. Adopting ‘Inclusive Education’ in classrooms and using ‘Community Outreach’ Programmes to create a culture of service and gratitude. Initiating an ‘Environment Programme’ from Elementary for sensitization towards natural resources to integrate the ideals of reuse, recycle and reduce.

Pursuit of Excellence

Consistent and constant efforts by a committed and motivated staff to provide individualized attention. A management decision of 1:10 student teacher ratio to sustain individualized student development. A School Annual Plan that uses the progressive practices of ‘Wonder Time’, ‘Circle Time’, ‘Music and Movement’, ‘Puppetry’, ‘Story Telling’, ‘DEAR’ (Drop Everything And Read ), ‘DEED’ (Debate, Elocution, Extempore and Drama), ‘Form Mornings/Evenings’, ‘Shri Khel’, ‘Coffee Mornings’, ‘Outbound Programmes’ to develop an attitude of continuous striving towards excellence in all spheres amongst students.

Pride in One’s Cultural Heritage

A school curriculum that is rich with glimpses of Indian Heritage and Culture, evoking in each student pride in its rich and varied fabric. A School Annual Plan that uses the cultural practices such as All About Heritage, All About Tales, All About Books, All About Environment, VIRASSAT Program, to help each student carry in their heart the legacy of our vibrant, beautiful and diverse culture.