Message by Principal

It is indeed my privilege to come on board The Shri Ram Universal School (TSUS), Rohtak as its Principal.

The philosophy of TSUS and its child centric and progressive approach to education ensures that every child is provided the opportunity to evolve and develop at their own individual pace. To do this, I firmly believe that parents and school are equal stakeholders and together work towards enabling our children to realise their potential and achieve excellence in all their endeavours.

TSUS fosters free thinking, ignites curiosity and nurtures creativity in its students. Discovering latent talent and encouraging children to explore, experiment and experience within the safety and security of the sprawling campus is what differentiates TSUS from others.

TSUS offers its students a platform where they can dream, discover, analyse, innovate and grow with courage, conviction and confidence. This is a school where our children will scale new heights in an environment that fosters 21st Century Skills and knowledge while ensuring that they imbibe deep rooted values true to our Indian culture and tradition.

I welcome you to the school and invite you to be partners in your child’s journey here, at school.

Warm regards
Punam Gandhi
The Shri Ram Universal School, Rohtak